Thursday, October 10, 2013

Does Your Association Member Recruitment Program Include Thank You?

I officially joined the golf club Wednesday afternoon.

While on the driving range Thursday morning, the golf pro came up to me and thanked me for joining.

Friday morning, the General Manager called me to say welcome and thank me for joining. He asked if I had any questions. And, invited me to be sure to call him if I did

A golf club is much like an association: members paying dues.

I’m trying to remember the last time one of the professional association I joined thanked me. I believe the answer is “Never!”

Most associations have aggressive membership recruitment programs. But, it stops when the member pays his/her dues.

In reality, it should not end until after that all important thank you and welcome.

Does your association have a “thank you and welcome” plan beyond sending a “new member packet?” If not, why not?

I can hear some association executives saying “but we have too many new members to call them all.” 

So, improvise!

  • Ask your CEO and senior staff to call randomly selected new members.
  • Ask your Board members to volunteer to call and welcome new members.
Remember, your member renewal process begins (or should being) the moment I pay my dues. 

  1. Don’t wait to engage new members until next year’s dues renewal notice.
  2. Call, email, mail or in some way thank me for joining and remind me why it was a smart move.
  3. Call, email, mail or otherwise remind me again in two or three months. Ask me if I’m benefitting from my membership. Perhaps do this via a survey.
  4. Remind me why I joined again at six months. 
    • (I served on a board that had all board members call members – we were provided names & phone numbers of our list – about nine months in to the member year. I can tell you that the response was very positive ... and provided valuable information to the association about its membership.)

And, don’t forget to provide a “new member ribbon” at your annual meeting.

Then, when you ask me to renew, remind me of the benefits available to me over the last year.

Please note: write these as benefits NOT features.

So, be sure you’ve thanked a member today!

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