Thursday, October 3, 2013

Blogs About Association Boards: 500th Milestone for Association Blogging

Well, this is my 500th post since starting SCDdaily blog two years ago.

In my initial post, I outlined five core areas:

  • trend watching: associations, marketing, social media, cause marketing
  • consulting: digital media, governance, marketing, communications audits
  • speaking: bridging the generations, marketing in the digital age
  • blogging: association & nonprofit trends; cause marketing
  • tweeting: @stevedrake (associations, agriculture, nonprofits) and @causeaholic (cause marketing)

So, how are we doing?

  • SCDdaily readership has ranged from a few hundred to thousands.
  • Most of my posts come from my trend watching and avid readership of newspapers, journals and pieces noted by Twitter colleagues.
  • I’ve continued to consult on branding, generations and conference management.
  • I remain active on Twitter as @stevedrake but fewer posts as @causeaholic.

If the post has “board” in the headline, readers flock to it.

Here are eight examples:

Stories about association staff issues grab readers too. 

Here are some samples:

The 5 Most Read Blogs Since 10/2/11 are:

  1. Why are competency-based association boards an anomaly?
  2. What’s happening to service clubs (a guest post from Jim Nagle) 
  3. Association Boards Road to Relevance: 5 Strategies for The Competitive AssociationRoad to Relevance: in interview with Harrison Coerver 
  4. Are you using your identity as association marketing? 
  5. Quality of Board Governance: What’s an Association Exec to Do?
So, that’s it! 500 blog posts in two years. I’ll keep on posting until the ideas run out or “retirement” gets in the road.

Thanks for reading and for your comments and suggestions!

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