Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Association's Open House Engages Members & Prospects


Back in August, I wrote Should an Open House be in Your Association’s Future? 

Well, one of my readers saw my idea about an association open house and tried it!

A huge success.

Here’s what Bill Knopf, Executive Director of the Asphalt Pavement Association of Indiana shared:
  • “I took your idea and ran with it. We have 100 people coming next Wednesday for BBQ on our parking lot under a giant tent. The lunch follows a committee meeting that morning.” 
  • “Five sponsors footing the bill so cost to APAI was a few hours of staff time. And we arranged the event to “honor” the new INDOT (Indiana Department of Transportation) commissioner who is coming to shake hands with our members.”
  • “I also usedhis as a member recruitment tool, encouraging prospects who have been “on the fence” to come by and meet and greet our officers and board members.”
Perhaps Bill’s event and my post will help your association too!

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