Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Are You Boring Your Association’s Members?

Think about it ....

  • if I looked at your association’s convention program for 2013 and 2003, would I see any differences other than dates and names of speakers?
  • if I looked at your website today and three years ago, would its look have changed? Would I find (under the news section) news releases from 2009?
  • if I looked at your board agenda from last month and last year, would I see the same issues and topics?
Confession: I get bored easily! So, I crave change.

As a result, I struggle when associations keep doing things the same old way.

At the bottom of a post about recruiting volunteers, Holly Duckworth, CAE, shared this awesome quote:

“Associations fear change when they should fear staying the same.”

Is this fear of change why we in association management keep doing the same things the same ways year in and year out?

I recognize there are some benefits to familiarity but there are benefits to refreshing and updating too.

When my former AMC started managing the National Christmas Tree Association, we introduced the theme of “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got.” (Wish I could remember who said that!)

So ...
  • When you start planning your next conference, what one change could you make/test to give it a facelift that will excite your members?
  • When you post a blog to your website, think about how we might revise our website to increase readership?
  • When you and your chief elected officer start to work on next month’s board agenda, how can you modify it to get board members really engaged in a vital topic?

Don’t expect different results from doing things the same old way.

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