Thursday, August 8, 2013

Positioning That Makes Sense for Associations

Whether marketing, conferences or cause marketing, it is important to partner with others (companies, associations or nonprofits) that make sense and have a good fit with you, your mission and your culture.

A recent radio ad caught my attention because it illustrates this kind of fit.

Hammermill papers sponsored the local traffic report. 

The ad is simple, focused and topical

“This traffic report is brought to you by Hammermill paper. Hammermill is guaranteed to be 99.99% jam-free. Don’t you wish traffic was? Hammermill. No worries.”

Brilliant connection!

The message resonates, especially if you happen to be stuck in traffic.

Shouldn’t we in association management be working to ensure our messages resonate with our members and prospects?

Are there events or partners that would connect our message and our audiences?

Are we exploring all the opportunities?

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