Monday, August 5, 2013

4 readings for association management

Retention vs. Acquisition: Do You Focus on the Funnel or Fix the Leaky Bucket? 
By Stan Phelps Via 9" Marketing
Answer: Retention is Fast Becoming the New Acquisition/Satisfaction Drives Loyalty. More importantly, it drives retention. The key to a healthy bottom line is the ability to keep your customers.

Got taglines?
By Shannon Neeser via Allee blog
When you’re a small business and don’t have a highly recognizable brand already established, a tagline is a great way to let people know who you are and what you’re all about. You need to do what milk did. Let’s take a look at why “Got Milk?” might be the best tagline ever and what your small business can learn from that.

Four Agri-Marketing Campaigns Any Marketer Can Learn From 
By Doug Austin via Marketing

When someone says the word "agriculture," what comes to mind? Cows? Corn? Innovative marketing campaigns? That last item may not be your top-of-mind association, but the truth is that the agricultural industry, though under the radar, comes up with fresh, forward-thinking campaigns. Take a look at these four campaigns that have something to share with any marketer—ag-focused or not. The four campaigns are:
  • Cheese & Burger Society—Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board
  • John Deere YouTube Channel
  • DEKALB's Clothing Line
  • 2010 Pioneer Hi-Bred Corn and Soybean Commercials

Scary Workforce Stats
From XYZ University

As a next-generation research and consulting firm, we are the experts organizations look to for recent statistics and trends related to the generation gap and leadership development. Our workforce is changing. Rapidly. Struggles abound in areas of dwindling workforce (retirement), lack of leadership and business cultures that are not suitable for the next-generation of employees. In our ongoing research to provide the most relevant information to our clients, we have developed a list of statistics related to the workforce to get you thinking and moving forward; making a plan for your future and the future leaders of our country.

Here is a small sample of the information they have gathered:
  • By 2015, Generation Y (1982-1995) will outnumber Baby Boomers in the workforce.
  • Only 22.9% of associations have a plan in place to engage the next generation.
  • Nearly 84% of associations report that getting members involved with advocacy efforts is a major challenge.
  • The proportion of working 65-69 year olds in the US has risen from nearly 18% in 1985 to 32% in 2011.
  • More than half of 18-44 year olds are looking for a job with a company that offers flexible work options.

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