Sunday, July 14, 2013

Top 10 re Why Industry Insiders Fail as Associations CEOs

Guest Blog by Dave Drennan

In response to your July 9 post Should the CEO be an Industry Insider or Association Professional, I want to add my thoughts/experiences. 

Industry insiders don't last long in Association Management/CEO jobs because (in no particular order) as Dave's Top Ten:
  1. They can't stand board oversight and get fed up
  2. They are used to doing what they want and when they want without a board decision
  3. They are used to "larger budgets" than most Associations have
  4. If they haven't had sales experience, they don't like or understand membership recruiting/retention
  5. They are used to "larger" expense accounts, flying first class, staying in 5 Star hotels (not Comfort Inn)
  6. They like to spend money without another approval
  7. They don't like getting business phone calls to their home or on weekends
  8. They just can't understand and/or appreciate that Association work isn't black and white all of the time--it's gray
  9. Micro managing in board meetings drives them nuts
  10. They long for the "bright lights" sooner or later
You catch my drift. 

Dave Drennan
Executive Director
Missouri Dairy Association

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