Thursday, July 25, 2013

Doing Good & Getting Caught Benefits Associations, Professions & Communities

Recent projects of two professions illustrate how associations can engage their members in doing good for their communities while promoting the image of the profession.

Bonita Dental Care – working as part of the Dentistry from the Heart program – provided free dental care to dozens of persons in the Bonita Springs (FL) area. Here’s the story from the Fort Myers News-Press

Meanwhile ... capitalizing on their skills as professional landscape artists, members of the national landscape industry association will perform a day of service beautifying the national cemetery’s grounds this month. Roughly 500 landscape artists will travel to DC this month to do what they do best at the Arlington National Cemetery as part of a day of service organized by PLANET, the national association for landscape professionals. Here’s the story from Associations Now

Similar to highly successful cause marketing campaigns, these programs show how associations can engage their members, provide valuable services to their communities and enhance the image of their profession or industry.

Associations seeking to engage and involve Generation Y prospects can greatly benefit from these types of programs.

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