Thursday, June 13, 2013

Perspective makes all the difference in your decision-making

Have you ever been in a lengthy organizational discussion (staff, board, committee, etc) only to realize you are not talking about the same “issue” or problem?

For whatever reason, we’re not looking at the same problem from the same perspective.

When facilitating meetings (or running a meeting), that’s when I call a stop and use this analogy:

Imagine you are looking at clear salt & pepper shakers from the opposite sides:

One party (the one on the right above) sees white (salt) and the other party (the one of the left) sees black (pepper). They are looking at the very same objects but from two different perspectives. And, as a result, they see two different problems and offer two different perspectives.

As the facilitator or team leader, our job is to ensure that the parties change places so they can see both sides (above)

In the salt & pepper example, they need to look at them from the side view. Then, they realize that they each were seeing only one-half of the picture.

As a facilitator or chief staff leader, that is our job!

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