Monday, June 10, 2013

Moose to MOOCs and 3 other articles for association executives

Universities bolster MOOCs for online learning By Mary Beth Marklein via USA TODAY

Public universities and systems in nine states say they'll join a push to greatly expand and improve online learning. Coursera, a Silicon Valley-based company, is announcing today that it will partner with university systems in Colorado, Georgia, New York, Tennessee and Texas to develop and evaluate the potential of technology that is fueling dramatic changes in how higher education is designed and delivered. Partnerships with several state flagship universities also are being announced, bringing to more than 70 the number of schools or systems working with the company. What does this mean to associations? The spillover impact to expectations of our conferences and educational program.

Five Tips to Rock Membership from Moose 
By Lynda Baldwin at Communication Strategies Group, Inc. via blog

  1. Get your Board…on board. 
  2. Assume nothing.
  3. Get friendly with your audience.
  4. Take the plunge. 
  5. Measure once, in many ways.
Content Marketing Using Niche Networks 
By Monica Bussolati via

You’ve got the content, now you just need to get it to them and what better way than going to where they are. But how to decide which network is a fit for your organization and which content is best? Here are a few tips that will help you finalize a solid content marketing plan.

Leadership Is A Vital Role For Association Executives 
via The Forbes Group

Do you see yourself as a manager? As a leader? Or both? Most of the association executives I know pride themselves on being top flight managers. Yet despite countless courses and seminars on the techniques of association management, they are continually overwhelmed by unmanageable events. They discover that traditional recruitment appeals no longer work. Budgets get out of whack and stay there. Conflict increases within the association. Staff gets harder to handle. Markets become unpredictable. And technology careens ahead at breakneck speed. That's because in a rapidly changing world, the successful executive needs to be a leader even more than a manager.

10 Questions to Ask When Determining Your Salary  
By Lisa Girard via Entrepreneur

When trying to figure out your salary, consider how much your time is worth, whether it's a good time to take money out of the business, and whether there are alternative ways of making ends meet for now. These 10 questions can help you settle on the right amount for you and your business.

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