Monday, June 17, 2013

7 great reads for association executives and marketers

Top Five Tips for Making Content Work for Your Brand 
by Neil Mody via

Content is king... That's what all the buzz has been about, right? Yet the 2013 B2B Content Marketing Benchmark Report found that only 36% of businesses believe their content marketing is effective. So how do you make content work for your brand?
1. Get serious about creating trusted editorial
2. Be stringent on eliminating the sell
3. Look at your content strategy holistically, and avoid silos
4. Don't jump on the video bandwagon just because you think you should
5. Keep your eyes on the prize at all times

Marketers Shouldn't Dominate Charities: Brands Needn't Convey Their Social Values in Every Ad 
 By: Rance Crain via Advertising Age

Mara Einstein, author of the provocative “Compassion, Inc. How Corporate America Blurs the Line Between What We Buy, Who We Are, and Those We Help,” doesn't like the idea of allowing marketers to take over the job of giving to charities as a way of selling their products. Many companies slap on a pink ribbon or say, “We'll give 5¢ to charity” and hope that will do the trick,” Mara notes. But it doesn't. Even so, 75% of marketers use cause marketing and 97% think it's good strategy. “My whole point in writing this book was to say, "Let's put on the brakes and look at this. It's not as great as you think.” Marketing based on old-fashioned product attributes may not be noble or uplifting. But it's what consumers want and expect from the brands they depend on.
21 Reasons You Must Become an Expert 
By Eric Enge via

For years the search economy built by Google (and others) allowed many people to make decent money by simply executing on certain SEO tactics more efficiently than their competition — even if they didn’t necessarily know the business they were writing about. This led to poor quality web sites that ranked highly for valuable search terms, with the need to deliver quality products or services coming in a distant second. Now that Google is making great progress in their effort to marginalize questionable SEO tactics, this approach to producing online content is finally going extinct. The next 2 years will see an even more dramatic shakeout, and all forms of marketing on the Internet will be affected. What’s the best way to survive this continuing transformation? Become an expert. This post offers 21 reasons. Check them out!

Study: Millennials Rate Themselves as Better Employees than Others Do
By Katie Bascuas via Associations Now
Millennials are known for many things, at least stereotypically. They are often considered one of the most tech-savvy generations and are also commonly identified as spoiled, entitled, and self-centered. Adding fodder to these perceptions is a new study of 6,000 millennial job seekers and HR professionals conducted by that found a serious disconnect between how gen Y-ers view themselves and how others in the workplace view them. “Until millennials are able to overcome existing stereotypes, they’ll have to work extra hard just to get noticed.”

The Bad Habits of Good Negotiators  
By Adam Grant via LinkedIn
This means that the best way to earn trust is to show trust. If we want to receive information, we need to lead by sharing information. When you open up about something personal, you send a signal that you’re trustworthy, and your counterparts will be motivated to reciprocate, matching your disclosure with one of their own. The second is called rank-ordering, and it involves listing the issues on the table, and sharing the relative importance of them. As Adam Galinsky, a leading negotiation expert at Columbia Business School, summarizes the extensive research: “more often than not, negotiators who make first offers come out ahead.” Beyond setting the tone, making the first offer has two other advantages: it signals confidence and strength, and it creates more flexibility to make concessions without getting stuck with a bad deal.

Keyword Methodology: How to Jumpstart Your SEO Strategy  
By Aaliyah Madadi via

Marketers already know the importance of SEO, but building a comprehensive program can be overwhelming and difficult. With so many businesses jumping into the online space, it might seem futile to dedicate time, money, and resources trying to get on the first page of Google. If the thought of SEO makes your head hurt, here's a tried and tested step-by-step guide on how to create and execute a killer SEO keyword strategy.

No guts no glory: What Apple can teach us about appealing to Gen Y
By Shannon Neeser via XYZ University

Gen Y is a new type of consumer. Old marketing strategies won’t work on them. Your marketing plan needs to grab their attention. In this information age, these socially connected times, anyone can reach Millennials; and they know how to filter out the noise. To get Gen Y’s attention, you need to be bold. In Mad Men, Don Draper states that “Clients don’t understand their success is reliant on standing out, not fitting in.” Mad Men might be set in the 1960s, but that’s still true today, especially when it comes to reaching Millennial consumers. They don’t want to fit in and you shouldn’t either. Once you have their attention, Gen Y wants authenticity. A bold campaign can show them you’ve got guts, are willing to put it all out on the line, and take a risk for your product.

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