Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Inspiring Example for Association Aspirations

I found this story a powerful example of innovation and inspiration.  Something that we association executives might aspire to for our associations and association members.

The story comes from USA Today:  Change Agents: Walter De Brouwer's magical tricorder.

De Brouwer and his wife, Sam, 42, co-founded Scanadu a year ago after a private nightmare. Eight years ago, their son Nelson, now 13, jumped out of a window at home thinking he could fly. He landed on his head. The couple, who also have another son, Lamara, 20, spent months in hospitals struggling to understand reams of technical information.

"You think you're smart, and then you realize you're not a doctor, and you understand nothing," says Sam, an elegant Frenchwoman who reports that despite the debilitating brain injury, today, Nelson is thriving in a special-ed program within nearby Cupertino High School. "It was a traumatic experience that left us thinking it would be great to create a tool that allows patients and doctors to communicate better."

"Medicine could benefit from the same disruption that Google provided for information," says De Brouwer, gazing beyond the shell of a former military blimp hanger and toward his Star Trek-inspired horizon. "Data wants to be free, and if our medical data is out there, maybe it can help us all."

These types of “X prizes” seem to motivate lots of innovations.

This might be an opportunity for some associations to advance innovation in their profession or industry.

Even if not, it is an inspiring story.

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