Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Defining Your Ideal Employee - Is This You?

This photo from Google Images and is
NOT the guy on the plane in this post!
I overheard a cellphone conversation on a plane last week. Ironically, as you'll see in a minute, I was flying to Charlotte to give a presentation and facilitate a discussion on generational differences. 

Based on what I could hear, he was the CEO; the other party was an HR person/recruiter. 

CEO: “Say, I don't want an Ivy League white guy. I've had enough charts & graphs. No more twitterers or whatever. I'm serious. You can’t text a handshake. Look, I want you to find me a scrapper. Someone who worked their way through school. Probably played sports. Hey, I don't mean to use the CEO card, but don't bring me any pretty white boys.” 

Later on the plane ride, he was fussing about the service (snack food) and said to me "I’m so tired of this. I'm 60, I should be put out to pasture." 

Other than the irony of my hearing him just before my talk on generational issues, what do you hear in this conversation? 

Could this person be you or your CEO? Could it have been one of your board members or perhaps one of your members or donors? 

Those of us who blog, text, tweet, Facebook or LinkedIn need to be mindful that not all of our members, leaders, colleagues or others get "social media" or what we do, let alone why we do it. 

Some -- age not withstanding -- don't get it and don't want to try. If they make up a large portion of our membership or leadership, we need to take them into account and not fail to reach them. 


For another bit of irony, during the plane ride, this CEO pulled out his laptop and started typing a bunch of emails. I so much wanted to ask, "So, can you email a handshake." Alas, I restrained myself!

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