Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Association Marketing: Connecting & Rewarding Your Customers

I spotted this headline a couple of Saturdays back: Sheryl Crow plays VIP concert for 100 in Fort Myers  

It was a short piece on how the local Clear Channel folks brought in Crow for a 20-minute show that christened the new Zoom Tan Live Lounge in Clear Channel’s Fort Myers headquarters. 

Crow came as part of a radio tour promoting “Easy” and the upcoming album.

This is a win-win program

Crow gets to promote her new album; Clear Channel rewards its advertisers and selected listeners. 

What can your association assemble that accomplishes the same thing?

While you may not have access to a recording star, you have other ways you can accomplish the same goals.

I’m currently working with the St. Louis Institute for Association Leadership (STIAL) to help use its rebranding to position STIAL as THE resource for associations based in the St. Louis region.

We began by conducting an economic impact study of associations based in the St. Louis region. The study documents the economic value of associations to the St. Louis economy and showcases STIAL as a resource capable of such a study.

To release the results, STIAL is holding a breakfast briefing for its business partners and potential business partners. We will showcase the study to these partners as a way to demonstrate to them the potential business from associations in the region.

It might not be “Easy” (title of Crow’s new album) but it provides valuable information to suppliers, demonstrates STIAL’s resources and rewards potential partners.

What is your association doing to reward members, sponsors and other key audiences?

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