Sunday, March 31, 2013

Association Executive Calling it Quits

SCD Group is relocating its office.  During this transition, Steve is revisiting and/or updating some former blogs.

Last fall I posted two pieces about "knowing when it is time to leave:

Well, SCD Group’s move to Florida has begun and I have a fuller appreciation of the issues around knowing when to leave. 

The moving vans are coming. The estate sale has been scheduled. Our new location selected.

This transition forces one to reflect.

We’ve tried two winters blogging from a gated golf community.The choice between golfing and blogging is hard many days. The sunny days combined with a multitude of activities here makes it really difficult to get motivated to do the research and writing needed to blog five days a week. 

It makes me wonder why I named my blog SCDdaily. That looked great in the cold, grey days of St. Louis but not such a good idea in the sun and sand of Fort Myers!

So, after 171 posts in the last 17 months, I’m retiring to focus on sun, fun and golf!
It is great to be quoted in Associations Now and have your blog posted daily on the St. Louis Institute of Association Leadership’s web site. I value my 200+ (and growing) readers. 

But it seems like way too much work! 

So, I’m calling it quits. No more researching. No more following trends and important articles for my Best of the Week. No more proofing. Just fun in the sun.

April Fools!

See you tomorrow!

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