Sunday, February 10, 2013

Why wait for an Association's Monthly Newsletter?

When sharing information for your association’s members,
why wait for a “Monthly Newsletter?”
I love ASAE’s digital Associations Now, the daily electronic newsletter providing valuable information for association professions.

It is totally focused on topics and issues related to association management. It doesn’t try to “sneak in” ASAE “news.” It provides its readers (like me) a look at what is happening around the world that impacts associations. It connects us and opens our minds.

ASAE’s bold step into the daily Associations Now provides guidance for association professionals such as you and me.

What “publications” do you currently offer your members? Annual report? Monthly magazine? Weekly newsletter? Daily blog?

          In terms of effectiveness, the “quarterly newsletter” died about 25 years ago.

          And, the Internet and mobile technology have pretty much buried the value of a “weekly newsletter.”

I had a couple of clients that offered a Tip of the Week as a weekly email to members. Those worked well in the last five years. But, I fear that even a weekly “publication” may not be timely enough for our members.

A post from creativity unbound, Boston University’s Edward Boches titled “Huffington Post’s Twitter edition: an idea worth stealing” got me to thinking about Associations Now and the value it has added to my ASAE membership. 

Boches asks, “Why not do a version of what Huffington Post did? Curate or aggregate relevant streams of Twitter content – from employees, customers, or suppliers – and make them easily accessible to your community. You can categorize them. Organize them by subject. Even track how many people follow the lists, giving you a sense of whether or not you’re offering useful, RT-able content.”

Twitter is a great filtering system to find content and links that make you smarter, save you time, and connect you to new people worth knowing. 

Doing the same for your community and its members could be a valuable service worth offering.  

Why not create and curate a “filtering system” for your members? 
It would save them time which makes your association more valuable.

And, if you have multiple segments within your association, why not follow Huffington Post and create individual Twitter pages/lists based on those key interests? This saves time for your members and prospects and time is a major value to members.

Members seek great information and content to help improve their businesses or professional practice. 

If their association doesn’t provide it, they will find it somewhere else who does. 

To create value for your association, you want them coming to you and relying on you. If you do that, they will continue to reward you with their dues dollars!

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