Tuesday, February 12, 2013

For association members, how fast is fast enough?

The title of Andrew Hill’s book Be Quick but Don’t Hurry represents one of the axiom’s of legendary coach John Wooden.

Wooden’s message applies to today’s associations ... essentially, if you aren’t quick (fast) in today’s world, you’re done. If you hurry, things are poorly done or not done at all.

So, when it comes to your association’s members, how fast is fast enough?

I thought about this last week after learning my business credit card was compromised.

Thus, I needed a replacement card (with the new number) and I needed it fast!

I talked with the credit card company representative at 3:34 pm on Friday afternoon. 

I had the new card at 10:47 am Saturday morning.

Think about that, it took less than 19 hours to replace my card!

That is quick!

If your member needs something from your association and needs it now, are you equipped to provide service ... fast?!

If not, why not? 

Remember: members like me who have experienced service speed from our suppliers (that is all of your members) don’t care about you or your systems ... we expect the same level of service and speed as we get from Amazon, eBay and credit card companies.

To succeed, you and your association should follow the advice of John Wooden ... be quick but don’t hurry!

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