Monday, February 25, 2013

8 great reads for Association Executives

The world, she is a changing: Trends associations should be watching 
By Greg Melia, CAE, via Capacity to Change blog
The value provided by associations is under fire because the world in which associations operate is changing. So what are some of those changes in the external world that may be making association participation less necessary?
• The Internet and mobile technology give unprecedented access to knowledge.
• The nature of employment has changed. 
• The commercial landscape has changed. 
• Competition for resources has increased.

How Has the Recession Shaped Career Attitudes of Millennials? 
By Sanja Licina via The Hiring Site

There is also much disparity between how Millennials view themselves and how they are viewed by their bosses. This research-based article shares two of them in more detail:
  • Disparity in Education
  • Disparity in Millennials’ Career Motivation
By Kate Richardson via Axiom blog

“What does it take to get boards to focus on thinking ahead?” Mark Athitakis recently posed this very critical question in a post on ASAE’s Associations Now blog. This post and an article in Nonprofit Quarterly by Simone Joyaux present a few practical solutions for helping non-profit boards to focus on thinking ahead and setting direction for the organization. These include:
  1. Design your board meeting agenda around what is most important right now;
  2. Ask your board the right questions to help anticipate and avoid “red flags;”
  3. Do not provide handouts of materials – expect your board members to come prepared for the discussion.
By Jeff Hurt via Velvet Chainsaw’s Midcourse Corrections
This is a great piece focused on low beam or high beam leaders. Many meeting professionals completely forget to turn on their headlights as they plan their meetings. Some meeting professionals only use low beam lights. The meeting professionals that adopt a high-beam strategy are the ones that can see the farthest in the future.

Rethinking Membership As A Global Engagement Model 
By Nikki Walker via
No longer can associations continue with their traditional “one size fits all” approach to membership. For decades now, associations have maintained a very traditional approach towards “membership” and membership dues. However, the time has come for organizations to catch up with the realities of today’s consumer habits and reconsider how and why people around the world engage with organizations. Segmentation, customization and differentiation are key. Members, customers or community? 

3 Content Marketing Tactics to Defuse User-Generated Attacks  
By Mike Zammuto via Content Marketing Institute

A sour online image or comment on your content marketing efforts — driven by negative reviews, online consumer complaints, or even allegations of fraudulent activity — can all but ruin a company (association). And, while a positive online reputation often takes years to cultivate, it can be torn apart in a matter of minutes with just a single bad review. Businesses (or associations) besieged by negative reactions can follow three tactics to harness user-generated content marketing and get your online reputation back on track.

Bye, Bye, QR Codes. NFC's Here!
via Event Tech
Writing for Successful Workplace, Jeanne Roué-Taylor says that QR codes are rapidly losing out to NFC. "Just as some of the world realized what QR codes actually are, the shift is happening toward Near Field Communication (NFC) instead," Roué-Taylor writes. "NFC offers a host of benefits that are part of our accelerating move toward the Internet of Things."

7 Brand Storytelling Lessons You Can Learn from Ron Howard 
By Mark Sherbin via Content Marketing Institute
This is a great post filled with examples associations can use. Think about what we can learn from this prolific storyteller that we can use to our advantage as content marketers. You’ll find seven milestone projects in Ron Howard’s career, the lessons we can take from them, and practical examples of those lessons in action.

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