Sunday, February 3, 2013

3 Super Lessons for Associations

Ok, another Super Bowl ... the big show plus a football game on the world’s stage.

1. Keep tweaking your “big event” to ensure it remains viable

  • The NFL keeps making changes – rules, venue, program elements, etc. – to keep the event fresh and to draw non-football consumers to the game.
2. Add sizzle to the steak
  • The game is the steak, the event, the main thing.
  • The ads, pre-game build up (like media day), half-time show, post-game are the sizzle that attracts non-football fans.
3. Marketing combines traditional and social
  • While the NFL uses all forms of media, it is the advertisers who have combined traditional media (TV ads) with Social Media to engage consumers/fans. 
That’s my take. What Super Bowl lessons for associations – if any – do you see in the event?

PS. Obviously, the blackout shows that you should always have backup plans or, as my Scout training advised:  "Be Prepared!"

PSS. You may want to read 10 Super Bowl Ad Trends from USA Today. 

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