Sunday, January 20, 2013

Should an Image Remake be in Your Association’s Future?

American Airlines and Michelle Obama sported new looks last Friday. And, Materials Handling Industry unveiled its new name and logo this month too!How will the market respond to those changes? 

Will the new looks, logos and brand play well? Or, will they find fates similar to that of University of California and the Gap and their attempts to change images?

Gap logo (left) and abandoned new logo (center); UCal's new logo (right)

Personally, I like the new looks of all three.
[While I like it, American's new logo won't lure me to book additional American flights since American is barely flying to/from St. Louis anymore. But, that's a different issue.]

But, what I think really doesn’t matter. What matters is how their target audiences react. 

In Associations Now’s Clear the Slate: The Story of a Rebrand Chloe Thompson outlines the rebranding process at MTI (formerly Materials Handling Industry)

The Associations Now story shared this background from the Small Business Forum: “Though every association does it differently, the rebranding process can start simply, according to this blog post from Small Business Forum.”  It offered three key steps:

  1. Ask why you are doing it.
  2. Allow plenty of opportunity for people in the business to express their concerns about a rebranding strategy. (We’ve seen what happens when people don’t.)
  3. Ensure high engagement from the executive level and everyone else affected to carry through with the new message.

Is your association’s logo and/or image still working for you? 

Or, has it gotten stale? Have you asked your professional staff and/or board whether it is time to assess what the image is doing for you?

These articles may help you determine why, how and when to modify and/or change your association logo.

These links provide more background about American and MTI ...

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