Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Is your association answering its incoming “calls”?

Some sources of inbound contacts to associations
(“Calls” include Tweets, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other inquiries.)

The InternetRetailer reported that “71% of big brands leave customer tweets unanswered.”

Wow! That is a lot of unanswered customer contacts.

And, it makes me wonder whether associations have the same rate of unanswered tweets (or other questions via Social Media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest).

While most associations have started engaging members and prospects in most social media platforms, I still hear some association executives grousing about all the time social media consumes. Reminds me of similar complaints when we got telecopy machines (oops, faxes) and email.

How you answer incoming messages ... whether phone, fax, mail or Social Media ... represents the first impressions members or prospects have of your association.

That’s why this topic was one of my first posts when I started SCDdaily. See Ring-Ring. Ring-Ring. Social Media is the new Ma Bell

Do you have a strategy and plan for answering inbound messages? Is it assigned to a specific person? Or is it the responsibility of many people? Please share your processes in the comments section.

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