Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hawaii Five-O & Monopoly Show Associations How to Engage Members

For tonight’s (1/14/13) showing of Hawaii Five-O, CBS invited viewers to vote on which ending they wanted for its show. They’re doing it live in real time! Talk about engaging viewers! (See A Murder Mystery via Social Media – The Viewers Pick the Killer.)

Subjectively Speaking blogger Alan Belniak (@abelniak) wrote:

  • I think this is a pretty awesome idea! Many people now are watching TV with a companion device (known to many as the “second screen”). So why not take advantage of that? If people are viewing these devices, then they are likely missing some of the content on the TV screen. Broadcasters are smart to put some content there and retain the share of eyeball.
  • I also think this is great because it lets the watchers/users actually participate in the experience, in real time. The voters choose the ending of the show. Aside from talent shows on TV with interactive voting, this is really a great way to get the voice and sentiment of the viewer factored into the program.
Meanwhile, Hasbro is urging customers and fans the opportunity to select a new Monopoly game token via a Facebook vote. There are two elements to the campaign: the old piece with the fewest votes will be permanently retired and replaced by the new token that receives the most votes. (See Fans can vote in Hasbro's campaign for the shape they want to keep and for a replacement.) So, here’s an iconic (more than 275 million copies sold since 1935) 77- year-old game engaging customers to update its product.

So, what does this have to do with associations?


Many associations have been around 50 or more year.

  • Most associations are seeking ways to engage members, renew members and recruit new members.
  • Many associations continue to offer the core member benefits: newsletter, magazine, conference, webinar, advocacy, networking, etc. Some of these haven’t changed format for several years. 
  • Some members see their associations as the “same old thing,” almost boring. Sort of like playing Monopoly one more time or watching a new show (but same old plot) of Hawaii Five-O.
If this describes your association, why not “copy” CBS and Hasbro and engage your members and/or prospects in changing things?

I know, you don’t have the money and/or power of CBS or Hasbro ... but ... you do have a connection with your members!

Here are some ideas you could consider:

  1. Magazine and/or newsletter online surveys ... crowdsourcing future stories and/or topics
  2. Voting on General Session speaker(s) via early registration form and/or survey sent to last year’s attendees
  3. YouTube video with link to Facebook voting
  4. Organize local “unmeetings” (AKA "bar camps") at which members pick the topics and serve as “facilitators” on a member to member discussion.
What other ideas are your associations using to engage members and spice up your programs and services?

Please share your comments.

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  1. That's really informative article. Thanks for sharing. Anyway, monopoly is my favorite board games ever!