Thursday, January 24, 2013

eMeals Demonstrates Value-added Member Benefit Opportunities for Associations

Last month, AssociationsNow ran a fascinating story titled “Are there no new benefits under the sun.”  It evolved around its efforts to find the “Best Benefits Ever.”

Kevin Holland commented that perhaps too many associations were offering benefits they copied from other organizations that really didn’t seem appropriate for their association. He concluded his remarks with “We have to stop thinking like associations and start thinking like solutions provides for our markets.” Here's his full article in Associations Now.  That Thing You Do (And All Associations Do) 

Barb (my wife and proofreader) shared with me a service that shows the power of a real value-added benefit. 

It is an example of benefit-oriented marketing and tools ... ideas that associations can use not only in building value-added benefits but also in marketing them as benefits not features.

The service is eMealsan online weekly menu and grocery shopping list. 

People sign up, share number of people and food preferences. In return eMeals sends you a weekly menu and suggested grocery shopping list. See

Note that eMeals customers are referred to as members! (See my blog 1/23/13 blog called Are retailers trying to become associations?”)

So, eMeals has found a problem (busy parents eager for help in menu planning and grocery lists) and offers a solution at a reasonable price.

The eMeals website; however, is where the example becomes more powerful for associations.

It uses a powerful, benefit-oriented message: 

  • “The dinner solution for busy people who want to spend their money wisely and their time with people they love.”
  • They provide multiple pricing options in an ala carte fashion. 

Each webpage offers benefit (solutions) oriented marketing with mouth-watering descriptions:

  • Fresh. Creative. Penny-wise. Weight smart. Only eMeals has a plan to fit your family, your budget and your lifestyle. And since our members love eating well, we’ve made it easy to simplify your meal planning and still make great choic
  • Getting dinner done has never been so simple. Just tell us about your family and your preferences - and start getting a personalized meal plan delivered right to your inbox. We've taken care of everything. Just sign up, and get ready to love your next meal!

Go to the eMeals website ( ... check out their messaging and service.

Now, look at your association’s website. If it is like most associations, it focuses on lots of features and little benefit-oriented words and visuals.

Tell me what you discover! Could you rewrite your messages to be more benefit oriented and more focused on your members and prospects than on your association?

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