Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dear Associations, Here’s Why You Need to Know Social Media

Ok, I borrowed this headline from Andrea Smith’s post on Mashable. And, changed "Today Show" to "associations."

Here’s the key point of her blog about the Today Show journalists:

  • “It’s not OK to know nothing about social media or the Internet anymore. It’s especially not OK if you are an anchor for a major network TV news program. It was meant to be cute, but it came off as plain dumb. Here’s a wake-up call, morning crew; your audience is not that dumb.”
While this post is directed to journalists on the Today Show ... it is highly relevant to association CEOs, association executives, association professionals and association leaders.

Could something similar be written about your association and/or its CEO or leaders? Do comments about social media during board meetings or staff meetings still include “I don’t get it” or “Why do we have to invest resources on that stuff”? 

Is your association still debating social media policies? Or, whether to “designate” a staff member to “do social media”? Or, have you made social media part of your core functions ... integrated with everything else you do and with your traditional communications tools?

As Andrea wrote about tv audiences, your audience (members & prospects) have become more sophisticated. They are using social media in their daily lives ... business, professional and social life. 

So, when it comes to objections to invested resources in technology and social media: get over it and get on with it!

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