Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Why you should create Association videos that rock

Ok, so we know that our associations should be using video to help reach our objectives. So, what’s keeping us back? Are we editors and not broadcasters? Do we think producing videos will cost too much or take too much time? Or, does our CEO and/or board think videos are a waste of time? 

This “2012 rewind” looks at some great posts and stories about associations and videos.

For additional examples, guest bloggers Elissa Leif & Barbara Haupt of MiniMatters shared this post last July: Some Associations Are Exploring YouTube's Potential

Interested in how video works within your website “media up”? Take a look at the home page for the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America.  Note that they have both a printed magazine and videos via GCSAA-TV. See how they work together. One reinforces the other. 

Is your association willing to “push the envelope” to engage nontraditional audiences? Check  Rockin’ the Vest  video from the Lions Clubs. Lions club members come together in this humorous hip hop video. The lyrics focus on what wearing the yellow Lions club vest means to the community. It’s had 112,000 views. 

For more details about producing video, check out these two posts:

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