Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Top 5 articles for Association Executives for 12/5

Since today is 12/5, I've selected 5 topics all offering 5 tips or ideas!

5 Signs That You Don’t Know Your Audience  
By Deana Goldasich via Well Planned Web blog
Audience Personas are not just a nice idea or a warm fuzzy. Locking eyes with your audience in every piece of communication is more essential than ever — especially when it comes to the complex sale that requires helping a prospect or customer make a complicated decision.
Our favorite: “We know our members. We just don’t know how to reach them.”

5 Tech Shifts Changing Our World, Work and Potential
By Katya Andresen via LinkedIn

Here are 5 tectonic shifts in how people are using technology - and why they matter to people advancing good causes:
  1. The messenger shift
  2. The social action shift
  3. The message shift
  4. The medium shift
  5. The mind shift
Top Five Association Tech Trends
By Dean Takahashi via Associations Now

Keeping up with technology's breakneck pace isn't easy—but associations are meeting the challenge by adopting five of the industry's most important advances.
  1. Harnessing Social Media
  2. Going Mobile
  3. In the Cloud
  4. Analytics Overhaul
  5. Embracing E-Commerce
5 Big Ideas: What’s Next for Leadership Development? 
By Dan McCarthy via Great Leadership blog

McCarthy pulled these from the Center for Creative Leadership’s 2011-2012 Annual Report called What’s Next for Leadership? 5 Big Ideas:
Big idea #1: The merging fields of leadership and neuroscience.
Big idea #2: Make leadership development more accessible and affordable.
Big idea #3: The power of networks.
Big idea #4: Nonprofit leadership development.
Big idea #5: Measure the impact of coaching.

Engaging the 5-Minute Member 
By Alex Mouw via resultsdirect’s AssociationCentric blog
  1. I’m really busy, and sometimes I forget things. 
  2. My inbox runneth over, so be careful what you e-mail me. 
  3. I need what you have, but don’t make me hunt for it. I’m working on a project. If I need a quick answer, I turn to Google. But if I’m trying to interpret thousands of search results into an actual action plan, then I need you and my fellow members. Only you can provide me with connections between pieces of information, resources to act, and the experiences of others to save me time and money. I come to you with hopeful eyes, eagerly scanning your Website for the answers I need. I scan, I scan, I search, I grumble. I don’t have time to not find what I need.
  4. I want your support – when, where, and how I need it. I’ve fully embraced the non-traditional workspace. I have a standing desk with no chair. I’m never at my desk, but always connected by my iPhone and iPad. This gives me more freedom and enables me to connect in more ways. So why can I still not connect with you? The bottom line is, if I can’t read what you send me on my portable devices, you miss a big opportunity to connect with me.
  5. My participation isn’t premeditated.

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