Monday, December 17, 2012

Readings of the Week: Appraisals, Tweet Clicks, Titles and 3 Other Top Stories for Association Executives

The Performance Appraisal: A Workplace Evil That Must Be Destroyed Like a Blood Sucking Vampire  By Kevin Kruse via Forbes
Did you know that the two things managers hate most are firing people, and doing performance reviews? And the two things employees hate most are being fired, and performance reviews. Why? Because everybody knows they are awkward, contrived and a huge waste of time. Here are 4 reasons why the annual performance review—as it’s traditionally practiced—is an evil, toxic ritual that must be abolished:
  • The annual schedule is an enabler of delayed feedback. 
  • They are based on preset, generalized “standards” that are vague and subjective.
  • The five point scale is vague and subjective. 
  • The appraisal is tied to compensation. 

How to Get More Clicks on Twitter  

By Dan Zarrella via The Social Media Scientist

The best use of Twitter is as a broadcast medium. You should be creating a ton of interesting content and sharing it with your followers. To that end I’ve done a bunch of research on how to optimize the click through rate (CTR) of the links you’re tweeting. Here are three of the top ways to increase the value of your tweeting:
  1. Keep Tweets between 120 and 130 characters.
  2. Use action words.
  3. Tweet later in the day and tweet on weekends.
Write the Best Titles for Content Marketing: A 10-Point Checklist  
By Roger C. Parker via Content Marketing Institute

Titles play a “make or break” role in content marketing and publishing success:
  • Choose the right title, and you can establish instant rapport with your intended readers. The right title should clearly indicate who should buy or download your publication, why they should buy or download it, and how they will benefit from it.
  • Choose the wrong title, however, and your book or incentive becomes invisible! Just as the headline is the most important part of an advertisement, the title is the promise that attracts readers (and search engines) to your publication’s landing page and engages their interest. 
4 Tactics for Enhancing Attendee Experiences 
By Lynn McCullough via MeetingsNet
  1. Take networking to the next level.
  2. Use social media in creative ways.
  3. Engage the audience.
  4. Think outside the exhibit hall.
Please Stop Using These 15 Words In Your LinkedIn Profile IMMEDIATELY
By Julie Bort via Business Insider
LinkedIn has scoured the profiles of its 187 million members and come up with a new list of overused, useless buzzwords. Here are the Top 10, in order of how overused they are:
Extensive Experience
Track Record
Problem Solving

3 Tips for Engaging More Volunteers 
By Myrta Stager via AssociationsNow

The National Council of University Research Administrators shows how clear roles and simple opportunities can boost a volunteer base ... in NCURA’s case from 154 to nearly 800.
1. Volunteer portal and bank.
2. YouTube Tuesdays.
3. Campus liaison program.

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