Monday, November 12, 2012

Branding, Oreos and 5 More Readings for Association Executives

Here are seven articles for association executives. Enjoy!

Online reputation crucial for small businesses (associations) 
By Roger Yu via USA Today
Obsessive monitoring of online reviews has become a norm for tech-savvy small-business owners. The burdensome but necessary task has been made even more complex by the emergence of social-media channels, Twitter in particular, that empower opinionated customers. This article – written for small businesses – is important for associations too.

Is Your Event an Oreo or a Macaroon? 
By Tahira Endean, CMP, via Events, Life & Impact Points blog

Has your event become an Oreo - where your participants know exactly what to expect, from the level and tone of speaker and message, to the dinner in a ballroom with the same type of meal, entertainment and dress code? Where they enjoy and embrace the familiar, perhaps not knowing there could be more. More engagement, more thought-provoking discussions that lead to new innovations in their field, a feeling of being more connected created by program timing that allows for this to happen.

Your Employee Is an Online Celebrity. Now What Do You Do? 
By Alexandra Samuel via Wall Street Journal

Meet your newest management headache: the co-branded employee. A growing number of professionals are using social media to build a personal, public identity—a brand of their own—based on their work. Think of an accountant who writes a widely read blog about auditing, or a sales associate who has attracted a big following online by tweeting out his store's latest deals.
Grievances of the 5-Minute Member 
By Alex Mouw via AssociationCentric blog by ResultsDirect
  1. I’m really busy, and sometimes I forget things. 
  2. My inbox runneth over, so be careful what you e-mail me. 
  3. I need what you have, but don’t make me hunt for it. 
  4. I want your support – when, where, and how I need it. 
  5. My participation isn't premeditated. 
Six Ways to Rally Your Company During a Rebrand (and How Your Agency Can Help) 
By Molly Rice via

Marketers know a rebrand is more than a shiny new logo or ad campaign. It requires a compelling vision (including your positioning) that can be understood and articulated by all—starting with your company's leadership and employees. Whatever the reason for the rebrand—entering a new market, targeting a new audience—your agency should help you sell the rebrand inside your company's walls. Your most potent brand advocates are your colleagues. After all, if they haven't bought into the rebrand and the philosophy behind it, why in the world would anyone else?
The Tale of the Chicken and the Egg 
By Deborah Davidson via Board Source

It strikes me as an almost impossible task: figure out a framework for the visionary leader to grow the organization…without knowing what the vision is. If I were on that board, I would devote all the resources in my power to doing one of the most, if not the most, critical job of the board: find that new visionary leader NOW, and work out the vision together.

Small business loves Facebook and Twitter, ignores LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest (infographic) 
John Koetsier via
  • 90 percent of small businesses are on Facebook, and 70 percent are on Twitter. LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest? Not so much. More than half of small business owners and managers spend more than an hour a week on social media and a staggering 43 percent spend more than six hours every week blogging, sharing, and tweeting about their business. More than half have a blog 
  • But small businesses are virtually ignoring LinkedIn (participation at just 4 percent), Google+ (3 percent), and Pinterest (one percent). In other words, owners and managers are still very focused in their digital market efforts and that’s likely leaving some vast untapped resources for savvy marketers. 

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