Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What can associations learn from Fearless Felix & Red Bull Stratos?

Sunday, October 14 ... You Tube says more than 3 million people watched the live streaming of Felix Baumgartner’s 4-mile plunge from the edge of space
I’ve got to admit that I was one of those 3 million glued to the live streaming video. Pretty amazing stuff.

And, not so subtly (given its official name), Red Bull sponsored the event.
What a great fit given Red Bull’s target audience and carefully nurtured culture for “extreme sports.”
And, that is the lesson for associations.
If you partner with corporations (as sponsors for your events and/or as a cause marketing partner), be sure that the company fits with your culture and your members/prospects.
That “fit” helps ensure success.

Another great example: Avon Foundation for Women’s Walk for Breast Cancer. / Avon’s target audience is clearly women. And, their Foundation focuses on breast cancer and domestic violence.

A great example of the fit of culture and target audience.

So, when you are seeking corporate sponsors or partners, be sure you search and screen based on the company’s culture and target audiences.

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