Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How Content & Thought Leadership Can Build Association Value

Those attending last week’s St. Louis Institute for Association Leadership (STIAL) meeting got a personal look at the strategies and tactics of the Composite Engagement Score system.

Matt Van Cleave, Senior Vice President of Aptify, shared the details of the Composite Engagement Score system and encouraged participants to download his presentation  and an ebook with more details on the system.

I really like the concept of “scoring and tracking” member engagement of your association. Aptify’s CES system has great concepts in measuring engagement by your strategic goals each year. And, modifying your key performance indicators (kpis) each year based on your revised goals.

I see some important synergies between the CES and the information David Gammel, CAE, outlines in his awesome book Maximum Engagement.

As I listened to Matt, I was impressed at how well the CES system helps Aptify enhance its thought leadership position in the association community.

Think about it. Would a group like STIAL invite Aptify to speak on its wonderful AMS offerings? No. But, we eagerly invited Aptify to come speak about Composite Engagement Scoring. And, the audience was attentive. A couple of STIAL members registered four or five staff for the meeting.
And, Matt did a great job ... he only mentioned Aptify in the opening. He focused on explaining CES and how it could benefit our associations. He showed that CES can be “managed” on an excel spread sheet. He did not “pitch” us on the Aptify systems.
As a result, the attendees had a very positive image of Aptify!
This is the essence of thought leadership.

And, serves as a reminder of what associations can do to build their own thought leadership.

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  1. I agree with the central thought of this post about curation and aggregate stemming from a lead. Ideally, everyone can be thought leaders based on their input and creative thinking. This is how companies curate content and diversity content through a structure of technical lead and supporting insights.