Wednesday, October 10, 2012

7 Techniques & 9 Examples of Association Videos

Video is rapidly becoming a major communications tool. 
Yet, based on questions on the ASAE Collaborate, many associations are still struggling with what to do and how to do it. 
Here’s a sample of the responses to an ongoing video discussion among ASAE members:

Looking for any and all feedback from associations utilizing video to reach potential and current members. I've written a blog providing insight (from our end) on the topic as well.

  • We've used video extensively at our live events to extend the educational sessions beyond the confines of the ballrooms. After each session we interview a panelist or the moderator from the session and have them either answer remaining questions from the audience or discuss the key points from their session. These videos are then posted on our blog to allow attendees to get a bit more info on the session and show those who aren't in attendance what they're missing. Response has been very good so far, and speakers are starting to volunteer to be the one featured from their panel. 
  • I would urge you to think beyond educational sessions and conference use for video channels. We have found that using video in membership marketing in the areas of recruiting retention and fundraising is an extremely powerful added channel to your marketing mix. Whereas before, we would create written copy of value equations that equated benefits and services to dues in a quantified format to raise the visibility and "connectedness" of a benefit's value to dues, we can now take that quantified value equation one step further into the video testimonial space for a greater impact. Think about using video to enhance your recruitment, retention and fundraising efforts, as the visual impact of members "telling their stories and quantified savings" has so much more of an impact on a viewer than copy does to a reader. See an example on the home page at: 
7 Ways You Can Use Video 
  1. Excerpts of conference speakers/speeches. 
  2. Video interviews to go with print story in magazine, journal or newsletter. 
  3. Video features highlighting members and posted to website + YouTube. 
  4. Video reports from President (and/or Chief Staff Officer) to members. 
  5. Invite members to submit videos for your website and/or YouTube channel … could be in form of a “contest.” 
  6. Short (3-4 minutes) answers to “common questions” members and/or prospects ask about your industry/profession and/or association. 
  7. Orientation video on “how to get the most value from our association” … can be posted on website and sent to new members. 
9 Examples of Association videos 
  1. Association for Science in Autism Treatment
  2. Association of Certified Fraud Examiner
  3. RealCoolTV shares examples of association videos
  4. Realtor Interview with Mary Byers re R4R 
  5. You’re Sick, It’s Serious. From American Academy of Hospice & Palliative Medicine 
  6. DONA International is extremely pleased to present our new documentary about birth and postpartum doulas: The Essential Ingredient: Doula  
  7. Dr. Amy Wagers encourages JIs to attend ISSCR 2012  
  8. Craft & Hobby Association's Video Contest for 2013 Conference
  9. Rockin' the Vest Lions Club video for membership
Are you successfully using video for your association? If so, please send me links via the comment section. 

BONUS: Here are seven tips:
7 Tips for Shooting Quality Video On the Go

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