Monday, October 29, 2012

5 Articles to Enhance Associations: Promotion, Print, Video, ROI, Livestrong

Great Promo Drives Attendance 
By Cynthia D'Amour, MBA via People Power Unlimited
Would you like to have more people at your next event? The right promotion plays an important role in filling your room. Check out the California Water Environment Association’s flyer. 30 days out from the event, they already have more registrations than last year. What are they doing right in their promo? 
• Incentive to register right away.
• Colorful, fun photo with good use of white space.
• Clear benefits important to potential attendees.
• “Back by popular demand.”
• Actual raves from last year’s attendees.
• What about the fact the program is free?

7 Reasons to Consider Print for Your ‘Non-Traditional’ Content Strategy
By Joe Pulizzi via Content Marketing Institute

Print is not declining anymore. Most prognosticators say that by 2020 most printed media will be gone. I think anyone who makes those types of comments doesn’t understand history. Just type into Google “The Death of TV” and you’ll see hundreds of articles predicting the end of television. One could make the argument that right now is the golden age of television, with amazing shows like Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men and Homeland leading the way. The evolution of the internet doesn’t kill off these channels… it makes us look at them differently because they are used differently by consumers.

YouTube Launches Campaign Tracking Tool for Nonprofits 
By Stephanie Mlot via

Nonprofits can finally put away those hand-drawn money-tracking thermometer posters, and join the YouTube Nonprofit Program. The new online feature allows organizations to create campaigns, track their progress, set goals like increased views or subscribers, and accept contributions. To get started, create a YouTube channel, apply to Google for Nonprofits, and enroll in the program. An overlay will sit on each video in the campaign, encouraging viewers to contribute, and a green tracking bar will chart progress. More than 18,000 organizations have already signed up for the YouTube Nonprofit Program, but the video site hopes more people will sign up to spread awareness and "get petitions signed, laws changed, dollars raised, and lives saved," YouTube software engineer David D. wrote on the company blog.

Calculate the ROI of Social Media 
Jaap Favier, managing partner of The Small Circle

What is the secret of bars? Why do we happily pay four times as much for beer in a bar as in a store? We pay this brand premium to be with friends. The secret of bars is that they convert our quality time into cash. Like bars, social media are places where friends meet. The best social media programs also convert the consumer’s social time into a brand premium, reaching a return on investment (ROI) up to four times as high as the ROI of a TV commercial. The time with friends and relatives is worth a lot to us. It’s worth our paycheck. A close look at the average bar tab or restaurant check—even the costs of a family holiday or yacht—reveals that we spend what we earn per working hour for an hour of time with friends. Pew Research data confirms this remarkable fact: an extra hour per week with friends makes consumers just as happy as an extra hour’s worth of salary. It makes sense: if we valued a working hour more than an hour with our buddies, we wouldn’t go to happy hour but stay at the office. Branded blogs, Facebook fan pages, YouTube channels, Twitter accounts and Pinterest boards serve as online bars.

Lessons from the Livestrong Foundation's Struggles 
By Ernie Smith via Associations Now
What if the worst happens to the person at the top? How do you pivot? That’s the issue Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong Foundation is currently struggling with. For many, word that Lance Armstrong was going to have his Tour de France victories stripped over a doping scandal was an opportunity to donate to his charity. Will a similar effect happen now that he has stepped down as that charity’s chairman? At the very least, it will be interesting to see how the Livestrong Foundation manages to recover from a scandal that has shaken the very core of not only its cancer research charity but the sport of cycling. What lessons can we learn here?

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