Monday, September 17, 2012

Top 5 Roadblocks to Association Content (Marketing) Strategy

About 30 associations and nonprofit organizations participated in the 2012 Content Marketing World Conference workshop for associations and nonprofits. 

Last week, I wrote on ... 

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During our CMWorld 12 session, we asked participants to give us the issues and roadblocks to implementing content marketing strategies within their organizations.

Here are the Top 5 “roadblocks” to content (strategy) marketing:

#1 Organizational Silos 
  • Getting different departments to share & collaborate. 
  • How have others “broken” the silos in their organizations? 
  • The “program departments” are closer to our audiences than we are but getting them to help curate content that will reach our varied audiences is a constant issue. 
  • Who is best to execute the process within an organization? 
  • Struggling on sharing content curation within organization. 
#2 Time and Resources
  • Dealing with limited resources: “So much potential, so little time.” 
  • Time management. 
  • Focus: too much content; too many audiences. 

#3 Processes & Buy-In
  • We’re “chained” to current processes so have no time/energy to innovate. 
  • We face resistance to doing things differently. 
  • I’m in a “risk adverse” organization. 
  • Getting approval to move forward. 
  • Getting buy-in from entire board to try new approaches ... one person can stop progress. 
  • Struggling to establish social media guidelines so just not doing it. 
  • Paralyzed by process ... we’re not very agile. 
  • What are the best practices for content curation. 
#4 Analytics
  • Analytics are severely lacking. 
  • What are the specific content marketing metrics for associations? 
  • Face the “ROI question” from leadership. 

#5 Audience

  • Non-responsive audience; apathetic. 
  • How do we get our audiences to engage in conversations with us? (We have content & vehicles but less engagement!) 
  • My audience is small (and rarely online): How do I find out more about what they like and want from our website? 
  • Having a conversational voice on social media while maintaining the “brand integrity.”

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