Thursday, September 27, 2012

Example of Engaging Your Prospects: A Great Idea for Association Marketers

You may remember from my prior blogs that David Gammel CAE’s Maximum Engagement highlights the importance of creating “steps” along the “engagement acceleration curve.”

Today, I had a first-hand experience of what David means.

I received this email:

Note that the email is personalized as "Hi Steve!"  And, it refers to a document I had downloaded.  And, invited me to request a free consultation call.

To be honest, I don’t recall downloading the Forrester whitepaper. And, I don’t remember where I saved it.

And, since I have a draft of a blog about how associations can use video, this reminder was a great way for me to re-engage with Forrester and its whitepaper.

But, you can “mess up” your engagement if you send an impersonal message such as this one that I received from a conference sponsor:

Don’t you love the “Dear FirstName” opening of the email! ... now there’s a way to get your prospect’s interest!

Be sure your systems are ready to do engagement the right way!

What is your association doing to create engagement steps in your prospect to member/donor process?

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