Monday, September 24, 2012

8 Articles for Association Executives: Best of the Week from SCDdaily

A lot of great stuff this week. I edited it down to eight topics readings for the week.

Will Associations Go From Good to Great to Gone?
By Anna Caraveli in The Demand Perspective blog
“The key to success in such a fast-changing environment isn’t developing clairvoyance. It’s being open to numerous possibilities, having the discipline to experiment with conflicting strategies and moving quickly to embrace one of them when the direction of the market becomes clear.”
  • Nokia, Research in Motion, Best Buy, and Circuit City: Because they envisioned a future that looked exactly like their present, they lost touch with the customers, their markets, and their competitors. And, as a result, these companies went down in flames.
This piece questions associations and provides three possible answers.

What is Innovation?
By Jamie Notter via Get Me Jamie Notter blog
Innovation is change that unlocks new value. Our environment is changing. And eventually we run out of the incremental value we can squeeze out of our systems just by tweaking and adjusting. That value that we locked away because of the choices we made is now bigger than what we’re getting out of our current system. And you can only access that value through innovation—by changing what you’re doing and how you’re doing it in ways that are deep enough to access this locked-away value.

They Ask. You Answer. 127 Rockin’ Content Marketing Tips – A #CMWorld 2012 (Content Marketing World) Cheat Sheet
By Hunter Boyle via Marketing Pilgrim blog
If, like me, you’ve been trying to keep up with the flood of valuable insights from Content Marketing World 2012, here’s a cheat sheet to help you out. It’s a mashup of highlights from fellow attendees, blog posts that stood out, and a couple bonus links for your listening pleasure. My top takeaway? The “Either you rock or you suck” idea from Ann Handley‘s session on Epic Content. “Rock or Suck” might be the new “Just Do It” — and this event surely rocked, so let’s get to some more nuggets …

Elbow Bump: Moving conferences from passive to active
By Jeff Hurt via Velvet Chainsaw’s MidCourse Corrections
“Social learning is participating with others to make sense of new ideas,” says author and business social strategist Marcia Conner. Inside the four walls of conference meeting rooms, attendees receive information. They passively listen to lectures and panels. With the exception of the occasional elbow nudge, little social learning occurs during most traditional conference education. Outside of those rooms, attendees start to socially construct their own understanding of the information. They discuss concepts and issues as they try to integrate it and internalize it into their own personal framework. It’s where true conference social learning happens.

Why the Nonprofit World Needs Millennials 
By Derrick Feldmann and Kari Saratovsky via Huff Post Blog
Traditional models of nonprofit engagement are being taken over by a new era of mission-driven social enterprises and an entrepreneurial spirit that runs counter to what many believe the nonprofit sector is capable of. It's one of diversity, tolerance and innovation that has yet to be fully realized. Today's Millennials are transforming communities, relieving suffering and pursuing social change in a way that may run counter to the traditional ways of organizing, but it's because they are wired to work differently -- collaboratively, transparently, interactively, and entrepreneurially -- to affect positive change in their local communities and around the world.

What Content Marketers (& Association Executives) Need to Know about Responsive Web Design
By Justyn Hornor via the Content Marketing Institute
The world of the web is about to undergo some major technological changes, and at the forefront for content marketers is responsive web design (RWD). You may have shrugged this off as a buzzword to be ignored, but you’re going to keep hearing it — RWD is here to stay. So get on board, or get left behind.

10 SlideShare Strategies that Will Boost Your Content’s Value
By Gregory Ciotti via Content Marketing Institute
While blog content should forever remain the backbone of your content marketing efforts, there are definitely some distinct advantages to leveraging outside platforms to expose your content to a new audience. One such platform that I feel is very underutilized is SlideShare. Given how visual content marketing has become in the last few years, many smart brands such as HubSpot and Twilio are making conscious efforts to create amazing slideshow content for generating more leads. The reason that some marketers may be hesitant to embrace SlideShare is that they are unsure about just how to maximize their presence on the platform. As someone who had hit the home page numerous times and sent thousands of visitors to my sites and my client’s sites from the platform, I wanted to reveal 10 specific strategies for getting the best return from your content on SlideShare.

12 Most Judicious Ways to Learn Online
by Susan Silver via 12Most blog
Do you consider yourself a life long learner? Well, I think we all are — even if we don’t identify it that way. As we grow older and mature, we learn new skills associated with work and hobbies. We become better communicators and deepen our social bonds. Studies have shown that self motivated learning is a key factor in overall well being. If you have ever wanted to tackle a new field, there are plenty of online resources for you to check out.

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