Sunday, September 9, 2012

6 Articles for Association Executives

Here are six articles for association executives:

Top 3 Ways to Increase Association Membership
By Michelle via
#1 – Ask for a referral
#2 – Make it “stupid simple”
#3 – Tell the story for them

Breathe New Life into Your Home Page, Gain Loyal Readers
By Mark Sherbin via Content Marketing Institute
A truly engaging home page keeps visitors hungry for more material. While catchy headlines and high-quality content play their own roles here, the key to retaining readers is to keep them engaged with more content on your site. A home page that simplifies the way your audience finds your content represents one of the best ways to accomplish this. Major publishers on the web experiment, test and retest to make their home page layout as engaging as possible.

How to Dramatically Grow an Association's Membership and Sponsorships 
By Russ Alan Prince and Bruce Rogers via Forbes
To a large degree, when an association grows its membership it’s able to generate meaningful revenues that can be applied to benefitting the members. With the goal of growing the membership, coupled with generating new sponsorship opportunities, associations would be well served to consider their own thought leadership campaigns.

Content Marketing for Nonprofits & Associations
By Becky Rasmussen from Content Marketing World Conference
Is your association/nonprofit looking to content marketing to tell your story and engage members? This presentation covers some of the challenges and opportunities awaiting you.
Content marketing serves as a magnet for members, donors and prospects.

Creating Special Moments Through Social Listening
By Jessica Levin via 7 Degrees Communications
While I was participating in the Twitter stream (at ASAE’s convention), I stumbled into a discussion with ASAE’s community manager, Mandy Stahl (@MandyStahl), about how it’s always cold in convention centers. We joked about the temperature being 100 degrees outside, yet we needed to wear sweaters.

Will A Hybrid Event Cannibalize My Face-to-Face Attendance?
By Brian Slawin via The BusyEvent Blog
Richard Feldman, has stirred the pot once again in the LinkedIn Virtual Events and Meeting Technology group by asking the question: Will running an online event in conjunction with a physical event cannibalize my face-to-face attendance or enhance it? It’s a great question and a topic that’s been blunting the full-fledged embrace of virtual tools by the events industry. As we add smart phone capability to the BeLinker software platform, the discussion of revenue possibilities, profitability and ‘eyeballs’ has been a frequent one with our clients.

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