Wednesday, September 12, 2012

10 Reasons Why Content Marketing Benefits Associations

Done strategically, content marketing attracts members to your association
Experiencing the Content Marketing World Conference for the second year reinforced my belief that associations need to reinvent themselves -- and market themselves -- as content-rich organizations.

Whether designed to serve as a thought leader or add member value, most associations produce great volumes of content ... most associations don’t use the term “content” but rather call it publications, websites, conferences, webinars, newsletters, etc. In larger associations, our content is often produced in silos we label as publications, meetings & conferences, communications, marketing, etc.

Too often; however, our content is produced without any content strategy and without a common core.

And, as a result, associations fall short and don't get the full return/results for the resources invested on behalf of our members.

So, the key question is: “Why should my association have a content strategy?”

Here are my 10 reasons why:

  1. To provide enhanced value to members. 
  2. To recruit/retain more members. 
  3. To recruit participation in our conferences, events and other programs. 
  4. To increase revenue per member. 
  5. To get maximum engagement from our industry/profession. 
  6. To build awareness of our association, industry and/or profession. 
  7. To enhance our advocacy efforts and/or advance our mission. 
  8. To increase results via repurposing and redistributing our content. 
  9. To keep from "screwing up" by offering multiple (conflicting) messages and/or filling member inboxes with multiple contacts on same day. 
  10. To increase the association's total revenue so we can do more for our members, industry/profession. 
Bottom Line: 
Members look to their associations to help them grow/improve their business and/or advance their careers, as well as connect with others who share their same interests. Content can help accomplish all of these goals.

So, what do you think? Are there other reasons? Which is the most important reason to you and your association?

During the Content Marketing World Conference, Becky Rasmussen (AMR Management Resources), Russell Sparkman (FuusionSpark Media) and I presented, engaged and facilitated a Content Marketing for Associations and Nonprofits workshop. Nearly 30 associations, nonprofits and others participated. Two-thirds of the workshop involved audience problem-solving or audience strategy team development including surfacing the major “roadblocks” to content strategy/marketing.

In future blogs, I'll share the problems and solutions.

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