Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tune-up Your Association

Guest Post From ANDY FREED

One of my favorite features in my car is the simplest one—it has a little message that comes up when I’m due for an oil change. It’s simple, but it sure beats the little sticker that the Jiffy Lube guy puts in the window that always falls off.

That someone took the time to develop that feature tells me something—a periodic “tune up” is important to keep the engine running right.

That’s a great message for car owners. Its also a great message for associations to heed in a different way.

The mid-year mark is a great point to reassess your annual goals, the effectiveness of your board, and other critical measures for the organization. Here’s my “tune up check list”
Are the annual goals still the right ones? Sometimes the initiative that started with the best of intentions in January needs to change. I’ve seen too many organizations on a “march to completion” of annual goals that are no longer relevant to the organization.
Is the budget on track? June is still a time that you can make adjustments and throttle back expenses to maintain budget targets—by the time year end hits in December, it’s too late.
Do we have the best people? This goes for the Board, volunteers and staff. There’s no substitute for the right talent—mid year is a good time to assess whether you have the right people, and if not, start putting in place transition plans to execute by year end.

Oh, and don’t forget to check the wiper blades. Mine are always worn down, and there’s no little light for that…

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