Wednesday, August 15, 2012

“If you are explaining, you are losing” applies to associations as well as elections.

Years ago, the association I worked for (looking forward to a nationwide referendum among the 300,000 in its industry) sent me to a campaign and elections school.

I came away with three key learnings that impact associations and our communications with members, with prospects, with the public.

1. If you’re explaining, you’re losing.

  •  See how much time the Romney campaign has spent “explaining” the Obama campaign ad saying that a Bain Capital employee’s wife died because he lost his health insurance when Bain closed a plant. (Please: I don’t want to argue the merits or demerits of the ad ... I’m only noting it because the ad made the Romney folks explain ... which got them off message.
2. An unanswered lie becomes truth in 24 hours.
  •  This was a pre-internet point. It’s probably more like 24 minutes now.
3. Keep your messages short, sweet and easy to repeat.
  • Associations Now quoted political consultant James Carville as saying “But if you want people to know three things about you, have three parts to your message. If you want people to know nothing about you, then have nine."
So, here's your "assignment:"  No matter how sick and tired your are of the 2012 Presidential campaign (and other elections), step back and look at the tactics to determining which might be effective in communicating with your members and potential members and donors and potential donors.  And, please share what you see that you feel works.

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