Monday, August 6, 2012

5 info-packed articles for associations: Best of the week

Here are 5 articles that association executives will find valuable:

The Insanity of Strategic Planning
By Jamie Notter in Get Me Jamie Notter Blog

In a keynote session last week about Humanize, I once again challenged the effectiveness of strategic planning. In the book, strategic planning is one of three traditional management “best practices” that we shine a critical light on, revealing that there is solid scientific research that indicates that the way we do the practice does not work. (For strategic planning, please read Henry Mintzberg’s The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning.)

It’s the Message, Stupid
Interview with James Carville in Associations Now

I’ve often used a phrase (from a soybean association colleague) that your messages need to be “short, sweet and easy to repeat.” Carville reinforces this saying,” “If you want people to know three things about you, have three parts to your message. If you want people to know nothing about you, then have nine." The interview changed my mind: think the ASAE12 general session featuring Carville and Karl Rove will provide some useful information.

7 Steps to Creating Your Content Marketing Channel Plan
By Joe Pulizzi via Content Marketing Institute

Once you create content, you need to decide how you are going to distribute it. To figure this out, you need to consider the context in which your audience will view the content and then use that to alter the content accordingly. In short, you need a content marketing channel plan that considers these seven factors:

  • Situational analysis
  • Channel objectives
  • Content/conversation plan (how you’re telling your story)
  • Metrics
  • Personas addressed
  • Content management process
  • Editorial calendar 
Are American Companies (associations) Headed for a Succession Crisis
White Paper (19 pages) by Sarah Sladek and Bob LaBombard via Affiniscape

The quick answer is Yes! An estimated 78 million Baby Boomers (1946-1964) will file for retirement benefits over the next 20 years – an average of 10,000 per day 0r almost 4 million per year. The recession pushed back the “war on talent” and probably allowed us to pay lower wages then we might have. What will the impact be on your members and your associations? It is an important question for you to address. And, my own challenge for you: how do you engage people like me ... WWPs (working while retired)?

The Mobile Content War Continues: Apps edging out mobile browser
By Jason Keath via SocialFresh blog

Some of the basic numbers:
  • There are now 234 million US residents using mobile devices
  • 110 million use smart phones
  • Google’s Android is still very strong, leading the US smartphone market with a 51.6% share
  • Apple’s is 2nd with 32.4%
  • Apple is the fastest growing of all smartphone manufacturers, by far

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