Monday, August 27, 2012

5 articles + 1 Discussion Thread: Readings of the Week for Association Executives

Here are some great articles worth your read.

Why are you running a race with weights on your ankles?
By Jamie Notter vai Get Me Jamie Notter blog
The way we run our organizations, generally speaking, is simply not cutting it. The “weights on our ankles” is the rigid, mechanical, and control-oriented management practices that we have been using for decades. They make it hard for us to be nimble, and they make engaging employees and customers more difficult than it needs to be. McKinsey has a report out this summer about the social economy that concludes that knowledge workers could be a full 20 to 25% more productive if the organizations embraced social technology internally.
8 Content Production Tools To Help Marketers Become Publishing Machines [Free Guide] 
By Joe Pulizzi via Content Marketing Institute
With each piece of content, you need to:
  • Rally the right resources, sometimes pulling from in-house, outsourcing, or doing a combination of both.
  • Ensure each content asset achieves its aim and incorporates targeted keywords. 
  • Manage the review process, which may vary, depending on the type of project.
  • Distribute and promote the content via multiple channels, often staggered over time.
  • Monitor and respond to comments about the content.
  • Measure the results and adjust the strategy while relaying the changes moving forward.
Click the link for the 8 tools you can use.

How to Tell the Stories Your Audience Wants to Hear
by Kelton Reid via
You only have about 90 seconds to tell your story online. Probably less, but that number reflects conventional wisdom on the matter. Behavioral psychologist Susan M. Weinschenk Ph.D. notes: “Research shows that stories create images in the mind that may also trigger mirror neurons. Use stories if you want to get people to take an action.”

Developing A Buyer Persona? Avoid These 4 Common Mistakes
By Adele Revella via Content Marketing Institute
A buyer persona as an archetype; a composite picture of the real people who buy, or might buy, products like the ones you market, based on what you’ve learned in direct interviews with real buyers. In the association and nonprofit world, we replace buyer with member, donor, prospects.

When’s the Best Time to Send Email to Your List?
by Linda Formichelli via
The fact is, your industry, your business, and your audience have unique demands and desires. You’ve got to test (and test, and test) what works in your world, and then test some more. This blog notes some anecdotal evidence of “after hours” success.

A conversation about Association Discussion Groups & ListServes versus Facebook/LinkedIn
via the ASAE’s online Collaborate   
This ongoing discussion – while not providing answers – offers some insight on whether associations are better to create and nurture their own discussion groups/list serves or whether to engage with members/prospects via social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. One intriguing comment: do associations that implement rules/regulations on their internal groups “push” their members to more open sites on Facebook and LinkedIn? Another: do our members/prospects prefer social media sites which are multi-focused or association sites which are single focused? Feel free to join the conversation.

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