Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Build for the Future: Expand the reach of your association's convention content

This Tweet grabbed my attention:

SHRM Atlanta 2: Malcolm Gladwell on Why Millennials Are So Very Different

First, because I follow generational issues.  So, I was interested in what Gladwell had to say.

Second, because it is a great example of the power of content marketing for association conferences.

As I’ve posted before, using content (such as an association convention speech) only once (at the conference) is a waste of association resources.

This post shows the value of extending the content from your conference to a large audience.  It extends the life of your conference.  It showcases your association beyond your membership.

Great job SHRM-Atlanta.

Note, too, how John Hollon (@johnhollon) of TNLT blogged key elements of the conference.  Great content marketing for his firm too!

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