Monday, July 30, 2012

8 Great Articles to Help Associations Grow with Content Marketing

Here are 7 articles that help associations and nonprofit organizations build content marketing capacity that helps extend their thought leadership, advance their profession/industry and add member value.

7 Content Marketing Lessons from Napoleon Hill 

By Joe Pulizzi via Content Marketing Institute
Napoleon Hill’s classic Think and Grow Rich was first published back in 1937. Now, in its 75th anniversary year, Mr. Hill’s lessons are still extremely relevant and valuable, even today. I had the opportunity to dust off my version of Think and Grow Rich (from 1960, with dog-eared and coffee-stained pages) last week during a brief golf holiday. In its relation to content marketing, I noticed some clear takeaways that most corporate marketers simply do not embrace. In the book, there are 15 powerful chapters that are helpful to all individuals, but seven chapters were spot-on relevant to content marketing.

Why bother? 21 Internet Marketing Stats That Will Blow Your Mind 
From Kipp Bodnar via HubSpot
Sick of hearing the same "the internet is changing marketing" speeches? Want hard data to reference so that you can properly forecast and adjust future marketing plans and budgets? Just want to sound smart in board meetings? Look no further; this post will show you some current data about the state of the internet marketing world that are both helpful, and frankly kind of shocking.

The 5 Ws and How To Build your Social Brand
From Deborah Weinstein, @debweinstein is president of Strategic Objectives
What’s in a name? Everything, when it’s your personal brand; and perception is reality in the virtual world. Your name in the socially-networked universe defines your brand — your essence, what you stand for, your reputation and your three second BLINK, all in 140 characters or less! So, how do you differentiate and elevate your personal brand, your on-line identity, in a social world teeming with thousands, no millions, of individuals calling out to be heard?

How to Rock Your Content Marketing
By Heidi Cohen
One way to ensure your content marketing consistently resonates with your target audience is to use list articles. The bottom line is marketers love list articles because they work; they’re reader magnets. Here are thirteen tips for integrating lists into your content marketing toolbox. (Note: This article is a list article although I haven’t titled it as such.)

Google News now offers real time breaking coverage pages
By David Meerman Scott via WebInkNow.
Today when I checked out the Google News headlines as I do several times a day, I noticed a new feature. Now, for each breaking story covered, there is a button called See Realtime Coverage. Clicking the button brings you to the latest news. This is a cool development. As I've said for several years now the most significant development on the Web is the rise of real-time. Social media are tools. Real-Time is a mindset.

Key Tips for Using LinkedIn Profiles To Demonstrate Your Content Marketing Expertise
By Carl Friesen via Content Marketing Institute
LinkedIn is rapidly emerging as a vehicle for demonstrating expertise and thought leadership, through displaying content that an individual has developed. The idea of LinkedIn as a content vehicle works in three ways:

  1. Your personal profile should display content that you have developed, to show the expertise in your work. 
  2. In many cases (think business professional firms and tech start-ups) clients come to a company largely because of the expertise it offers — and will be more likely to trust in this expertise if its principals show that they are credible thought leaders. So, it benefits the company if its star employees demonstrate their thought leadership through an impressive LinkedIn profile. 
  3. Company pages are a good way to provide content through status updates that link to white papers, articles, videos, eBooks, and other evidence of the organization’s thought leadership. 
21 Guest Blogging Tips To Land Posts (Almost) Every Time 

By Heidi Cohen
The bottom line is guest blogging is a win-win for both the host blogger and the guest blogger when done right. Here are five reasons why every blogger (association) should include writing guest blog posts in their blog marketing strategy. These reasons also hold for expanding your content marketing reach.
  1. Guest blog posts support search optimization.
  2. Guest blog posts expose different audiences to your writing.
  3. Guest blog posts enhance your brand.
  4. Guest blog posts provide new engagement opportunities.
  5. Guest blog posts increase your credibility.  
Social Campaigns on Tuesdays Earn Highest Engagement 
From MarketingProfs
There are good days to start a social marketing campaign, and there are better ones: Most Facebook campaigns are deployed on Fridays, but those deployed on Tuesdays generate the most customer engagement, according to a study by Yesmail Interactive, which examines the customer engagement of campaigns conducted via popular social channels. The new findings are based on a three-month study of consumer engagement with online campaigns for 20 major retails brands, including Abercrombie & Fitch, The Gap, Ralph Lauren, American Eagle, J Crew, and Forever 21.

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  1. Guest post are one of the best ways of dealing with every activity that you are doing.. this would not just help you gain traffic but would also help you get better responses.

  2. Article 2 seems like something the startup NY ad agencies would read. That way they can better adapt their marketing style to online trends.

  3. Thanks Arthur. It also impacts anyone communicating or marketing today ... including associations and nonprofit organizations.