Sunday, July 1, 2012

8 articles important to association executives and nonprofit professionals

Here is the best of the week for busy association professionals. Enjoy your July 4th holiday!

Five Ways to Market to Gen-Y
By Tim Hare via
Gen-Y has shown a tendency to support heritage brands and engage with companies via social media. Gen-Y has also shown a tendency to shut out brands that bombard them with advertising or "market down" to them. With many Boomers retiring from associations and nonprofits, these tips are important to association executives too.1. Word-of-Mouth
2. Engagement
3. Loyalty
4. Oversaturation
5. Respect

How to Create an Awesome Conference Blog  [CASE STUDY]
By Maddie Grant via SocialFish
Five questions answered about establishing a robust blog presence for a joint annual conference of four medical societies.

Key Tips for Using LinkedIn Profiles To Demonstrate Your Content Marketing Expertise
By Carl Friesen via Content Marketing Institute
LinkedIn is rapidly emerging as a vehicle for demonstrating expertise and thought leadership, through displaying content that an individual has developed.

Five Video Projects You Can Do in 25 Minutes or Less
By Rebecca Corliss of HubSpot via John Haydon
Many folks shy away from creating video because they think it takes too darn long. Here's a secret: Online video content should be short. Your recording and production time can be a sprint, not a marathon. Here are five quick video projects you can do with no sweat:
1) Record a quick interview.
2) Record a "live" music video.
3) Give a video tour of your office.
4) Record your favorite speaker at a conference.
5) Make a how-to screencast.

Engaging your superfans: Social lessons from Lady Gaga’s manager 
By Lisa Pearson via bazaarvoice blog
Several months ago, I spent a day with a dozen marketing leaders. One of the burning issues on the minds of these global leaders was how to best leverage the power of their existing brand advocates. Wendy Clark SVP, Integrated Marketing Communications & Capabilities for Coca-Cola, mentioned having Lady Gaga’s manager, Troy Carter, talk to the company about this very issue. We invited him to join Bazaarvoice at our annual meeting. Love her or not, Gaga has an enviable relationship with her fans. She is one of the best-selling artists of all time in large part due to the fervent advocacy of her most loyal fans. Her superfans – a.k.a. the Little Monsters – are her most fanatical advocates. Gaga’s loyalty marketing techniques are legendary, and businesses of all size can learn from them. In our time with Troy Carter, he shared the following principles:
• Know your advocates well
• Understand the value of a superfan
• Know what motivates your superfans
• Superfans expect an authentic experience: when you shill, shill smart
• Meet them where they are – literally and figuratively

Corporate America, meet ‘Generation C’ 
Posted by Altimeter Group’s Brian Solis in The Washington Post
Who is Generation C? “In the age of social media, we are witnessing a C-change (as in “C” for customer) in the balance of power between consumers and businesses. This increasingly empowered generation of connected customers, which I often refer to as Generation C, is changing the face of engagement and is re-writing the book for how businesses market and serve them in the future.” This “c-change” impacts not just businesses but also associations.

Download the Stupidly Simple Facebook Page Features Guide
From John Haydon, aka The Nonprofit Facebook Guy
Is your association looking to get more from its resources invested in Facebook? John Haydon’s guide book helps you improve results.

Panasonic Uses Pinterest to Power ‘Pin It to Win It’ Photo Contest 
By Carl Friesen via Content Marketing Institute
To figure out how Pinterest might play into larger brand marketing efforts, Panasonic decided to use the platform to build awareness for a smaller brand, using a photo contest as a “mini-case study,” as reported by AdAge. The brand worked with PureWow – which produces lifestyle content aimed at women in their 30s and 40s – to launch a “Photo of the Year” contest.


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