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6 examples on using video in your association marketing

Video is growing rapidly as a key content marketing tool that associations can use to build awareness, meet mission and distribute content.

Here are six case studies that show how your association can use videos as part of your content management/marketing tools.

Reminder: once the association video is produced, use it across multiple platforms beyond posting it to your YouTube channel: embed your video in your blogs, your website, your “digital magazine.” If the video applies to a subset of your membership, consider a blast email to them with a link to the video and/or website landing page.

Reaching Non Traditional Member Prospects
Lions Clubs HipHop Rockin' the Vest video.
It’s no secret: membership in service clubs (from Lions & Kiwanis to Jaycees and Optimists) has been plummeting. Partly because Boomers are retiring and there are 30 million fewer Xers to replace them. Partly because people are so busy they just won’t/don’t make time for weekly or monthly luncheon clubs. Partly because social media has replaced the networking function these lunches provided small business professionals in insurance, investment, banking, etc.) The Lions Club decided to use video to reach out to non-traditional audiences. Check it out!

Association Media & Publishers Video Interviews
This video shows interviews with individual members answering the question “what is the future for association publishing.” This video accomplishes at least three things: (1) shares ideas around a key topic: will print disappear; (2) gives insight for its members (association publishers and media directors); and (3) showcases members and/or conference attendees.

American Stroke Association Hip Hop Video Competition Promo
The American Stroke Association sponsors a “hip hop video contest” as a strategic tool to “enlighten the world on stroke.” Terrence J., American Stroke Association celebrity spokesperson, promotes the launch with those
 of the American Stroke Association's Hip Hop Stroke Video Competition for kids.

Sharing Ideas on Key Issue Facing Your members
The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) used video to share its General Annual Membership Meeting who could not attend. I like the attempt ... but the three video clips (23, 14 and 13 minutes would be better if divided into 3-4 minute segments. (See below of how Gazelle TV focuses on shorter videos.)

Gazelles TV Provides Video Content & Promotes Next Event
See how Verne Harnish uses video to broadcast the Growth Summit’s content. The short videos give you a capsule of the sessions ... which helps promote future events. Here’s his definition of his TV network:

  • Gazelles TV provides the online education, resources and tools to keep you great. We       offer DVDs, CDs, and streaming online video and audio on our most popular products. Check back often as new videos and free clips will be added regularly.”
Content Marketing World Conference Video Promotion
The Content Marketing Institute conducted video interviews throughout its 2011 World Conference. They offered an “on demand” series ( for attendees and others. They used edited excerpts to help promote the 2012 World Conference. Loved the attendee who said “The content at this conference is like drinking from a hose.”

Showcasing Unique Education Opportunities
In cooperation with the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC), ATETV – an Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Project funded in part by the National Science Foundation – ATETV aims to show how ATE is relevant to the modern workplace and to attract students to this growing field. ATETV connects students and educators with prospective employers in technical fields. Advanced Technological Education (ATE) programs are based at two-year community colleges and four-year colleges across the country, providing a host of unique educational opportunities.

How to Implement Video Strategies:

7 Tips for Shooting Quality Video On the Go
By Yvette Pistorio of Cisionblog.“Most filmmakers will agree, the best camera to shoot with is the one you have on you. For most of us, it’s our mobile device.” It may be intimidating to use your mobile device to record a video, so here are eight other tips I learned when researching how to make great videos on the go!!

9 Ways To Turn Web Video Into Your #1 Sales Tool
By Andrew Angus via the Daily Egg Blog
[Note: this is focused on businesses but the same “rules” apply to associations and nonprofits.]
Here’s how you can turn video into your number one sales tool. (Oh, you didn’t know? Video is also Content Marketing)
  1. Hardwired to Watch
  2. Short and Sweet
  3. Make the Call Pop
  4. Perfect the Tone
  5. Set to Music
  6. Live Action vs. Animation
  7. Stay Funny and Edgy
  8. Search Engine Boost
  9. Simplify Brand Messaging
Five Video Projects You Can Do in 25 Minutes or Less
By Rebecca Corliss of HubSpot via John Haydon
Many folks shy away from creating video because they think it takes too darn long. Here's a secret: Online video content should be short. Your recording and production time can be a sprint, not a marathon. Here are five quick video projects you can do with no sweat:
1) Record a quick interview.
2) Record a "live" music video.
3) Give a video tour of your office.
4) Record your favorite speaker at a conference.
5) Make a how-to screencast.

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