Sunday, July 8, 2012

5 articles for CEOs and other Association Professionals

5 Steps for Continued Association Growth in a Changing Market 

By Sara Sladek via Affiniscape
Since 2000, associations have experienced a barrage of challenges that have weakened their position in the marketplace. Financial decline. Demographic shifts. Technology. All have played a role in the altered business environments associations now face. However, with the right vision and structure in place, your organization can evolve and realize its full potential once again. Here’s 5 steps for how your association can flip its fortune:

Step 1: Find your focus
Step 2: Set significant goals
Step 3: Make the most of marketing
Step 4: Troubleshooting
Step 5: Target your progress

"We're All in Sales Now": Associations and the New Sales Economy
By Kristin Clarke via Associations Now
Associations often say that all staffers are responsible for great customer service, but what about sales? No? Too late—the revolution within the "new sales economy" is already hitting associations, says bestselling author Dan Pink. The question is, what will we do about it?

Conference Presenters Can Literally Change Attendees’ Minds
By Jeff Hurt via Velvet Chainsaw’s Midecourse Corrections
Conference attendees generally want to learn.
Presenters generally want attendees to learn.
Conference organizers and hosts generally want attendees to learn as well.
So why does so little learning actually occur at a conference?

Social Campaigns on Tuesdays Earn Highest Engagement
There are good days to start a social marketing campaign, and there are better ones: Most Facebook campaigns are deployed on Fridays, but those deployed on Tuesdays generate the most customer engagement, according to a study by Yesmail Interactive, which examines the customer engagement of campaigns conducted via popular social channels. The new findings are based on a three-month study of consumer engagement with online campaigns for 20 major retail brands, including Abercrombie & Fitch, The Gap, Ralph Lauren, American Eagle, J Crew, and Forever 21.
Among the Facebook campaigns studied, those deployed on Tuesdays earned the highest engagement, even though Tuesday ranked fourth in terms of the number of campaigns conducted.
[NOTE: Hum, wonder if I should move my “readings of the week” to Tuesdays??]

Stop Wasting Time Being Busy
By John Baldoni via Forbes
The crush of busyness defines management life today.  Based on my work, here are  a few rules that I can share:
Value your time.
Delegate meetings to others.
Use free time to reflect.

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