Monday, June 18, 2012

From Board Minutes to Burnout, Best of the Week for Association Executives

Here's the best of the last week.  Happy reading!

Don’t Get Too Wordy with Board Meeting Minutes
From Association Trends.
Probably not the “sexiest” post but may be one of the most important for association CEOs. Don’t record who makes/seconds motions. Don’t record verbatim discussion.
Robert’s Rules of Order lists the following key elements of meeting minutes:

  1. Date, time, and place of the meeting
  2. Kind of meeting (i.e. regular or special)
  3. List of the presiding officer, directors, staff and others who attended
  4. Presence of a quorum
  5. Other information to demonstrate that the meeting was called in compliance with the bylaws
  6. Whether the minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved
  7. Exact statement of actions taken at the meeting
5 Tips For Avoiding Job Burnout 
Shared by AccuPay

Do some accuse you of being a workaholic?  Are little things "getting to you?"  Here are tips on how to avoid burnout:
  1. Avoid Excessive Workload
  2. Avoid Being Overly Accommodating
  3. Avoid People Who Drain Energy 
  4. Avoid Being Overworked
  5. Avoid Job Disillusionment
Four Critical Reasons Why Nonprofit Organizations Must Not “Go Dark” on Social Media on Weekends Shared by Colleen Dilenschneider
If you monitor your brand in a typical 40-hour week, you are "dark" for 76% of the time that the 24/7 digital world is at work. Wow.  What does an association do?

  1. No amount of advertising can make up for a lack of social and earned media
  2. Weekends may be a particularly important time for your audience to connect and engage
  3. “Going dark” makes your organization passive on social media and leaves a gaping hole in reputation management
  4. Posting over the weekend allows you to remain top-of-mind as a weekend destination (if you are a visitor-serving organization)
Will Associations Become Filters for Digital Overload?
By Steve Rosenbaum.
“First, associations are a veritable content creation machine. The quarterly print magazine, annual dues and annual meeting are a thing of the past. These groups of thought leaders are blogging, tweeting, meeting and plugging in to social media with innovation and enthusiasm that in many ways surpasses many of the media organizations that I know well. Each of them had one overriding concern about how their members were balancing their work and their professional lives. Digital Overload. If your members were stranded on a desert island, and they could only bring one information source with them, would it be you? I think they've got the secret sauce to win big in the new world of Data Overload. Because publishers are fighting for fractionalized mind-share, while associations are poised to curate with authority. The challenge for them will be, can they build an internal information gathering, curating and distribution workflow that moves at the speed of the real time web? Said one of the 400 executives I met -- the only way she got her board to agree to re-link and publish mainstream media coverage of her medical specialty was to remind them that even if it wasn't as detailed or thoughtful as a medical journal's peer reviewed paper -- the news coverage of medical breakthroughs would be what their patients would be armed with on their next visit. Separating signal from noise is the only true cure for Digital Overload. And Professional Associations may be ideally suited to play that role.”

Five Huge Changes To Facebook Pages That Nonprofits Will Love
From Razoo via John Haydon.

  1. Facebook Page Admin Roles 
  2. Page Post Scheduling 
  3. Promoted Posts
  4. Facebook Page Manager
  5. Post-Level Insights
Eight Purposes Of A General Session
From Jeff Hurt.
Here are eight purposes of most general sessions:

  1. Motivation
  2. Set the tone for the event
  3. Share information
  4. Education and learning
  5. To create a memorable experience
  6. To emotionally connect with the attendees
  7. Entertainment
  8. Self-organizing behavior

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