Sunday, June 17, 2012

Become a Hero to Your Association Members: 5 Ways Content Management Can Add Value to your Association’s Members

Content marketing & management represent a growing strategy for association executives. Steve Rosenbaum recently posted the question” Will Associations Become Filters for Digital Overload? My main thought is: Why is this a question? I see it as a necessity!

I’m facilitating a content management discussion at the St. Louis Society of Association Executives (SLSAE) meeting this Tuesday (11:40 am, June 19) (Click here to register.)

After providing a brief overview of associations and content management, participants will develop key strategies/tactics for their associations. (I’ll post their outcomes as my June 20 blog.)

Here are five ways your association can engage in and benefit from content management:
  1. Most members (and staff) are content fried. They get so much information from so many sources, they just don’t feel they have time to follow and read everything coming their way ... especially content coming from their professional and trade associations!
  2. Forward-thinking associations realize that finding solutions for content fried members can be a huge value for the association. In the process, the association becomes “the resource” for members and your profession/industry.
  3. Associations can become the resource by creating and discovering content.
    • Research tools: Twitter #; Google News Alerts; speakers; volunteers; maximize content discovery (search, conferences, webinars, volunteers, everywhere)
  4. Once you develop processes to discover content, you move to managing (curating) and distributing that content to members and prospects.
    • Flip your Publications Process ... Start with finding ways to reduce the members being content fried ... “publish” frequently; select the best (based on analytics) in your print publications
    • 1-7-30-4-2-1 formula (see graphic at top)
    • Select right tools for what you (see graphic from Orbit Media at top right)
     5. Repackage and repurpose (using once is a “sin”).

FYI to SCDdaily readers:

  • The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) offers a full range of resources including the Content Marketing World Conference (which will be held September 4-6, 2012, in Columbus, Ohio). 
  • I’m facilitating a pre-conference program titled CONTENT MARKETING/MANAGEMENT FOR ASSOCIATIONS AND NONPROFITS WORKSHOP on September 4. Speakers include Russell Sparkman of Fusionspark Media and Becky Rasmussen of AMR Management Services. Save $100 on your registration: enter discount code SCDGROUP.

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