Sunday, June 24, 2012

5 Great Stories for Association Professionals

Your Annual Membership Marketing Reality Check  
By Deidre Reid via Avectra
This is a great summary of the findings of Marketing General’s 2012 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report.

  • 691 associations participated in the survey.
  • 52% of associations reported higher recruitment and retention numbers than last year.
  • The biggest impediment to growth for individual membership organizations: difficulty attracting and/or retaining younger members.
  • The biggest impediment to growth for trade associations: difficulty meeting the needs of a diverse set of membership segments.
  • The new social reality has its effect on the top three reasons members join an association. Three years ago “access to specialized and/or current information” was selected by 23% of survey respondents, making it the number one reason members join. But today only 12% of survey respondents selected information access, tying it for second place with advocacy.

How to Create a Successful Blog Editorial Strategy in Just Six Steps  
By Debbie Williams via

  1. Define your audience
  2. Pinpoint clear goals
  3. Establish your voice
  4. Create a blog editorial calendar
  5. Create a distribution plan
  6. Measure and adjust

3 Keys to Increasing Your Content Conversions 
By Rachel Foster via Content Marketing Institute
The most important thing to ask when you are creating any type of content — for your website or otherwise — is: “What do my customers want to know, and am I creating content that answers their questions?” A tool that can help you in this area is a content framework, or a template that outlines your customers’ needs, pains, and desired information. This will help you stay focused when you create content.  Three key words should drive your content:
Bore your nonprofit readers in 11 different ways 
By Karen Zapp from her NonProfit Blog
Several years ago, a Board member told me there wasn’t any emotion in a direct mail piece I had sent to members and nonmembers.  As a professional writer, his comments hurt.  But, awakened me to put more emotion into my appeals.  So, Karen’s 11 tips offer ideas for all of us.
1 – Your copy covers too many subjects.
2 – You love long run-on sentences.
3 – You pontificate and philosophize.
4 – You’re obsessed with grammar and formal writing style.
5 – Cold as a fish.
6 – Same old … same old.
7 – Long-winded copy.
8 – You sound like a bad salesman.
9 – Fail to use copywriting techniques.
10 – You thrive on producing unreadable text.
11 – You edit for the wrong reasons.

Content Curation: Find Time or Find Help
By Deana Goldasich via Well Planned Web
Content curation is an essential part of establishing thought leadership in a content-saturated online landscape. 10 things to look for in a Content Curation partner:
1. Extension vs. Vacuum
2. Strategy vs. Tactics
3. Audience Obsessed
4. Respect for Your Expertise
5. “Big Picture” Communicators
6. Innate Curiosity
7. Understanding of Your Sales Process
8. Clear Points of Research
9. Clear Points of Distribution
10. Discipline & Measurement

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