Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5 Tips on Websites & Blogs: Marketing the Association in the Digital Era

Five AMC professionals shared 60 ideas/tips on marketing the association in the digital age at the recent ASAE Great Ideas Conference. The ideas were shared in 5 categories: 
  • Integrated Marketing 
  • Twitter &/or IM 
  • Mobile &/or QR Codes 
  • Facebook &/or LinkedIn 
  • Blogs, Websites &/or Slide Share
Over the next week or so, I’ll share the top 5 ideas in each of the 5 major categories. You can click here for the full PowerPoint.  This week, we're focusing on Websites & Blogs.

Previously, I’ve shared:
Tip #21:  Speak Their Language
Shared by Betsy Wintringer, Association Management Center
When trying to draw international members/attendees, make sure you speak   their language. If resources don’t allow, think creatively and work with partners to get promotional materials translated. In this case, APS worked with the Hawaiian CVB to translate the site into a number of languages, and to market at a Japanese Pain Society meeting. The translated materials also allowed them to work with the parent organization to reach potential Panasian attendees.

Tip #22:  YouTube Rules
From Greg Schultz, The Sherwood Group
YouTube is the second-most used search engine on the Web. So make sure your organization has content there, or a channel. The International Society for Stem Cell Research holds a contest for post-doc members to produce public education videos explaining their field. Finalist videos are posted to YouTube for a real-time voting period. The result is a lot of good content added and viewed. ISSCR also uses board meetings as an opportunity for the board members – the rock stars in their field -- to film brief promotional statements for the annual meeting.

Tip #23:   Social Media & SEO
Shared by Jeannie Sheehy, The Bostrom Corporation
Social media and search engine optimization have value on their own but together they become even more powerful. Creating content for a social media campaign is no less important than doing it for a SEO campaign. The content is going to end up in the same spot – the search results – so it’s important you create it with a clear purpose. Remember to Optimize the content itself, any images included, video, banners, infographic titles (make sure to include the title inside the actual infographic so people don’t call it something else and link to you with non-optimal anchor text), member promotions, and any media you’ll be giving users to embed.

Tip #24:  Find Blogger Friends
From Hugh Whaley, AMR Management Services 
Comment and post on other industry blogs to drive traffic to your organization’s site. It’s not enough to just post your own blogs.  You should follow other bloggers in your industry, comment on their posts, and share their content. Eventually, they will do the same for you.

Tip #25: Alternate Content Platforms
Shared by Brian Riggs, Association Headquarters 
Platforms such as Prezi and Vimeo can be used as alternates for Powerpoint and Youtube.
Prezi is a dynamic platform for presentations and Vimeo allows for robust videos with private channels.
Looking for more marketing ideas for your association.  We’ll be back at ASAE12 in Dallas with a new list of tips and ideas.  Our session Key Marketing Tips in the Age of Social Media: Sharing Solutions & Solving Problems, will begin at 1:30 pm on Sunday, August 12.

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